Friday, April 1, 2011

Wealth gap widened in recession


Even during a recession the wealthy are still getting wealthier. A recent report shows that the top 20% of all Americans actually controlled 87% of the wealth in the US. Leaving the other 80% of the population to fight and struggle over only 13%. 

"The poor get poorer because they do the things to make them poorer, just as the rich do things that make them richer. Not fools, just misguided! It is a road to nowhere. An exercise in futility. The U.S. is a pool of OPPORTUNITY, so why complain of thirst when you just refuse to go get some water? What's worse, why complain about those who do quench their thirst? I just don't get it! You're the only one resorting to name calling due to lack of understanding of the problem and the solution! You know, I'll bet you have, or had a million dollar idea, but for whatever reason, you did not go for it. Think of how many more people would be employed right now if you'd followed your hunch."

Is there something that you wanted to start and didn't or did you have an idea that you never cashed in on? 

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