Thursday, July 21, 2011

A road not traveled by many

Stelvio Pass, is a road that is not often traveled by many motorists. The Pass was picked by the British automotive show Top Gear as its choice for the "greatest driving road in the world", although their search was concentrated only in Europe. At 9045 feet it is the highest paved road in the Eastern Alps and with 48 hairpin turns there is good reason why many people do not cycle this road. But this sounds like a place that I want to go and check out. Maybe even attempt to cycle up. 

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So sterotypes are all over the place and from country to country they are no different. Christoph Niemann, for The New York Times, runs with the idea and made this handy world map of stereotypes. I found it interesting how it is called the "WORLD" and New York City is blown out in to its burrows, also being larger then the rest of the world. So what is trying to say there? 


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