Thursday, March 17, 2011

In Other News...


So the mainstream media has flooded (no pun intended) their channels with images, news and video of the devastating 8.9 earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan last week. Now while I agree that it is important to get news out to the world there is plenty of it going on that they are not reporting on or it is in the ticker at the bottom of your TV's that no one really pays any attention to... who really likes scrollable banner marquees anyways.

Here are a few articles that you might have missed. 

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Android Takes Over U.S. Smartphone Market

The Android OS now accounts for 29% of smartphones in the US; compared to its competitors Apple and RIM each holding at 27% as reported in a recent study by Nielsen's. This does not really come at any shock to anyone given the Motorola Droid's unit sales of 100,000 during its launch day, followed by another 250,000 in the first week following. That launch successfully brought Google and its Android OS into the consumer forefront. 

As the OS wars heated up Android was able to launch Froyo (Frozen Yogurt) which brought Android to an acceptable level to compete with the iPhone. With multiple devices running Android, consumers finally started to purchase them and not think that they were getting something that was of lesser quality than its competitors (iPhone, Blackberry). 

What kind of smartphone do you have? 

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Behind the Information Overload Hype


In 2007 the average person was sending out massive amounts of data, but not as much as they were consuming, the average person would send out the equivalent of 6 newspapers per day, while receiving an astonishing 174 newspapers of information. These numbers have been ever increase since about 1986 at the rate of 23% per year.

The amount of data consumed equates to 33.8 gigabytes everyday, 44% to TV, DVDs, movies and online videos and a whopping 55% to gaming alone. We consume on average 101,000 words per day, 45% to TV, DVDs, movies and online videos, 27% internet text, computer programs and 12% on radio and recorded music. Now you have got to be wondering how many hours does it take to handle all of this information and data, they came up with that number as well. You spend 118 hours per day consuming all of this information. 

These numbers are all based on the average of all users. The heavy internet user, online videos, streaming music and photos are shifting the numbers. 

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