Thursday, March 3, 2011

Behind the Information Overload Hype


In 2007 the average person was sending out massive amounts of data, but not as much as they were consuming, the average person would send out the equivalent of 6 newspapers per day, while receiving an astonishing 174 newspapers of information. These numbers have been ever increase since about 1986 at the rate of 23% per year.

The amount of data consumed equates to 33.8 gigabytes everyday, 44% to TV, DVDs, movies and online videos and a whopping 55% to gaming alone. We consume on average 101,000 words per day, 45% to TV, DVDs, movies and online videos, 27% internet text, computer programs and 12% on radio and recorded music. Now you have got to be wondering how many hours does it take to handle all of this information and data, they came up with that number as well. You spend 118 hours per day consuming all of this information. 

These numbers are all based on the average of all users. The heavy internet user, online videos, streaming music and photos are shifting the numbers. 

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